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    We carry a huge selection of VHS movies, DVD movies,vhs format,and dvd format movies and videos. Movie box sets and gift sets are our specialty. 
    Find hard to find movies and classic movies here.

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    Search our DVD and VHS movie catalogs and find hard to find movies and videos on vhs and dvd. 

    Check out our enormous selection of movies in vhs and dvd formats. We have one of the biggest movie catalogs anywhere: find hard to find movies, the latest releases and classic movies too. You can even pre-order the latest vhs and dvd new releases.

    Find classic movies starring your favorite movie stars including Shirley Temple movies, the Little Rascals, Bowery Boys,the Marx Brothers movies, Mae West, Blondie and Dagwood.


    We carry vhs movie box sets and video collections ranging from your favorite television shows and classic movie collections
    disney box sets in dvd and vhs movie formats to colorized and silent movies. Our collection of favorite episodes from classic tv shows include miniseries such as roots
    and the thorne birds,the winds of war and also classic telvision shows like are you being serves,lost in space,doctor who,the avengers,keeping up appearances,absolutely fabulous and more vhs box sets.

    Hard to find Movies:

    classic movies starring Shirley Temple, Our Gang, Bowery Boys, Abbott and Costello


    b movies, benny hill movies,blondie and dagwood

    At MovieAce we believe in making available those classic and hard to find movies that you won't find in your local video or movie store. For example, we have a huge selection of movies by the marx brothers,mae west,judy garland and other classic movie actresses and actors.  Our comedy section is well stocked with movies by all of today's comedians as well as classic movie comics such as jerry lewis, red skelton and lucille ball.  We do not neglect new movie releases however. Our movie catalog features all of the latest dvd and vhs movies as soon as they are releases and you can even pre order dvd and vhs movies so that you can be the first to own the movie as soon as the dvd or vhs is released. We have classic movies including silent movies, colorized movies. 
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    Featured Movies and Box Sets:

    The Movies Begin
    The Movies Begin - A Treasury of Early Cinema, 1894-1913
    ~ DVD Set

    The home-video revolution has yielded a wealth of valuable compilations, but few are as miraculously definitive as The Movies Begin. Equally suited to home or classroom viewing, this authoritative five-volume set is a vital document of film history, providing a one-stop destination for anyone wishing to witness the first two decades of motion pictures. That period--from 1894 to 1913--saw movies develop   More ...

    Under the Sand
    Under the Sand
    ~ DVD or VHS

    François Ozon's Under the Sand revolves around a tender, frightening contrast not easily forgotten: the dead live on only as long as we remember them. Marie (a luminous Charlotte Rampling) and Jean (Bruno Cremer), a middle-aged couple, are on vacation. As they ready the beach house almost wordlessly, a long-standing, intense love is immediately understood. While Marie naps on the shore, Jean goes off for a swim from which he never returns. Six months later, back in her empty Paris apartment, Marie goes about her life as if Jean is still there with her, reading in bed, massaging her feet, sitting at the breakfast table. At dinner parties and lunch dates, her close friends are visibly appalled her behavior.   More ...

    Blondie Meets the Boss (1939)
    ~ Video

    A Viewer Writes: "As you may know by now after seeing the first film of the series "Blondie", the films are wholesome and have a pure sense of humor. This second film "Blondie Meets The Boss" is just as funny as the first. If the Blondie films seem to be serious at times, please take it in light-hearted fun. Everything works out. Dagwood wears the apron this time. You might recognize the boy who plays "Alvin Fuddle". He is Danny Mummert. He played   More ...

    Ninotchka (1939)
    ~ Video

    Ah, those fun-loving Communists! In Ninotchka three Soviets make their way to Paris to sell off imperial jewels to raise money to buy tractors for the USSR. When Grand Duchess Swana (Ina Claire), former owner of the jewels, discovers what's happening, she deploys her lover Leon (Melvyn Douglas) to recover her gems. He starts a court proceeding while seducing the three bumbling Soviets with the luxuries of capitalistic life. The delay of the sale is noticed in Moscow, and Comrade Ninotchka (Greta Garbo) is dispatched to Paris to settle the matter. Soon after arrival, she meets Leon, who is charmed by her severe, uptight manner and her stunning beauty ("I love Russians! Comrade, I've been fascinated by your five-year plan for the last 15 years"), and he sets about wooing her, despite her disbelief in love (it's merely a "chemical reaction," she dourly informs him). Romance, jealousy, and capitalistic frivolity ensue. When this film was released in 1939, it was advertised as "Garbo laughs," as it was her first and only comedy.   More ...

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